The Course

Course Layout

Local Rules

  1. U.S.G.A.Rules govern play
  2. Soft spikes only
  3. Obey cart use restrictions, 90° rule
  4. A mandatory free drop is required from all flower beds and newly planted trees
  5. Allow faster players through
  6. Repair ball marks and replace divots
  7. Keep carts a minimum of 30 feet from all greens and tees, do not cross white lines
  8. No hand/pull/push carts on tees or greens
  9. Each player must have a set of clubs
  10. Proper etiquette must be exhibited at all times
  11. Proper attire is required, shirts must be worn at all times
  12. Maximum of 4 golfers per group
  13. No coolers of any kind are allowed on the golf course, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages must be purchasedfrom the club house

Use this link to dowload a”PDF” version of our scorecard.

HM Scorecard